Review of The Perfect Location by Chicklit and Wine

May 8th
The Perfect Location

Review from Chicklit and Wine 

“Love this book. Love, love this book. If you remember only one thing from this review, let it be this: read this book.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in. The Perfect Location by Kate Forster harnesses the best of the chick lit world with romance, mystery, crime, world travel, and just a touch of romance. Just enough romance to make you cheer for the characters falling in love, but not so much that it’s raunchy.

The Perfect Location brings three women to Italy to shoot the next blockbuster film, along with the intriguing, baggage-filled, daunting, haunting past each carries. From Rose Nightingale and Sapphira De Mont – two of the biggest names in the business – to Calypso Gable, an up-and-comer starring in her first feature.

This book is an absolute summer must read. In my part of the world the sunny skies are just finally starting to peek through, just in time for me to inhale this book in one weekend from a lounge chair under the sun.

A perfect, unforgettable book must be paired with a perfectly unforgettable wine: Cline Late Harvest Mourvèdre. The sweet tones of candied chocolate mirror the inherent goodness unveiled in Rose, the ever-hopeful romantic. The musky hints of cedar recall Max, the hunky Australian single father we all fall in love with eventually. Cline Late Harvest Mourvèdre is the perfect sweet, dessert wine to sip slowly as you finish The Perfect Location in just one sitting.”